Top 10 Tips for non toxic Household Cleaning Products

The following are my Top 10 tips for non toxic household cleaning products in the home to help save money, the environment and your health especially for those suffering from asthma and allergies.









1/ Air freshener

Commercial air fresheners mask smells and coat nasal passages to diminish the sense of smell, baking soda or vinegar with lemon juice in a small dish will absorb odors around the home. House plants help reduce odors around the home. Simmering vinegar ( 1tsp in 1 cup of water) when cooking will reduce odors. To get the smell of fish and onion off utensils and cutting boards, wipe them with vinegar and wash in soapy water. Simmer cinnamon and other spices in water on stove. Place fragrant flowers and herbs in rooms and place a bunch of dried herbs in cupboards for a refreshing scent.







2/Dishwasher soap

Mix equal parts of borax and washing soda, but increase the washing soda if your water is hard.








3/Dishwashing soap

Commercial low – phosphate detergents are not themselves harmful, but phosphates nourish algae which use up oxygen in the water ways. A detergent substitution is to use liquid soap. Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of vinegar to the warm soapy water for tough jobs.



Mix 2 tsp of borax, 4 tblspns vinegar and 3 cups of hot water. For stronger cleaning power add ¼ tsp liquid soap. Wipe on with dampened cloth or use non – aerosol spray bottle.






Floor cleaner and polish


5/Vinyl and linoleum

add a capful of baby oil to the cleaning water to preserve and polish.









 Apply a thin coat of 1:1 vegetable oil and vinegar with a few drops of essential oil for aroma and rub in well. 


7/Painted wood

Mix 1tsp washing soda into 4 liters of hot water. 









8/Laundry detergent

Mix together 1 cup of liquid soap ½ cup washing soda and ½ cup of borax. Use 1 tsp for light loads and 2tsp for heavy loads.







9/Oven cleaner

Moisten oven surfaces with a sponge and water. Use ¾ cup of baking soda, ¼ cup salt and ¼ cup of water to make a thick paste, and spread throughout the oven interior ( avoid bare metal and any openings ) let it sit over night. Remove with a spatula and wipe clean.

Rub gently with fine steel wool for stubborn areas.


9/Scouring powder

For the top of the stove refrigerator and other areas which should not be scratched use

baking soda. Apply directly with a damp sponge.






10/Toilet bowl cleaner

Mix ¼ cup baking soda and one cup vinegar, pour into basin and let it set for a few minutes. Scrub with a brush and rinse. A mixture of borax 1 part and lemon juice 2 parts will also work.

My Favourite off the shelf products

I have used these products many times and find them very good. Made in New Zealand and completely natural they are my number one pick for an off the shelf substitute.

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