Hive Innovation Village

The Hive Innovation Village.

Home of green building. Innovation in NZ

Hive innovation village is the country’s first, located in Christchurch on Curletts road in the Canterbury Agricultural Park.

Show casing sustainable architect – designed, affordable and innovative homes.

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Hive Innovation Village, green building affordable innovative homes

Responding to the devastating earthquake that hit the region in September 2010 and February 2011 the Hive village has bought together some of New Zealand’s leading building companies in a common goal to produce prefabricated off site construction that reduces building costs while increasing the quality of construction.

Hive innovation homes employ the latest technologies to ensure warm energy efficient healthy homes with low running costs.

High levels of insulation, double glazing, solar hot water, rainwater capture, efficient lighting and designed for optimum sun in winter and shade in summer characterise the common theme of these homes.

Along with a build time of just 10 – 14 weeks these homes embody the future of home building in New Zealand.

One notable example is ‘the high performance house’ by Prefabnz.

Introducing the warm-frame technology which combines steel framing, insulation and double glazing into a prefabricated wall unit.

This system delivers a product that exceeds the building code minimums.

The Rakaia cube is another Hive innovation.

A precast earthquake engineered home designed to be connected.

The cube is 8 – 4m which can be constructed horizontally or vertically.

This revolutionary system can be constructed 4-5 times faster than a traditional build and can be deconstructed and relocated if required.

This home was built in 14 days.

The smart house design incorporates clean and simple lines with a modernistic edge.

Using locally sourced materials where possible and a flexible plan that enables the home to be progressively built as the budget allows.

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Hive Innovation Village – example of homes










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