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The Attic Man

 Whether you have an attic, a loft, or a belfry, and whether you like to call it a ladder, steps or stairs, if you live in Auckland New Zealand, then “The Attic Man” is your best option.

By optimising your roof space The Attic Man can eliminate clutter and add thousands of dollars to the value of your home, plus provide a valuable storage area that is safe from burglary.

The Attic Man provides security and safety with space management, using attic stairs that comply with all council requirements. Use the expert for a professional and guaranteed job.

Many of The Attic Man’s clients have been paying storage fees, but are now able to invested that lost money into their home.

The Attic Man has over 30 years building industry experience including seven years just specializing in attics.

The Attic Man  has installed over 2,000 attic stairs in Auckland alone.

The Attic Man provides extremely competitive buy-direct pricing using only the finest of products and he can personally and quickly attend to the work. You are assured of honest perfection.

The Attic Man guarantees best workmanship and best price!

The Attic Man.

For a complete job including materials and labour for the best price in Auckland

Contact Bruce on:

Akl. 4197205

or 021 576434

Or Email him at:

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The Attic Man

Attic stairs information

The purpose of this page is to provide general and accurate information about attic stairs and their installation in New Zealand.  Hopefully the following questions and answers will be helpful:

Q.  What is the best brand?

A.  The answer to this question depends to a large extent upon your own situation and your ceiling height.

The main competing brands in New Zealand are Sellwood and Fakro units. I believe that I have personally installed more of both brands than anyone else in New Zealand, and assure people that both are excellent in terms of strength and durability. Thankfully Sellwood have increased their quality control procedures over the last few years, and I have never come across a single faulty Fakro unit of the current model. It is simply not true for anybody to say that either brand is inferior structurally.

There are differences between the brands as shown:

Sellwood                                                   Fakro deluxe units

Heavy hinge bolted to stair.                                                Heavy pivot system fixed to bearers in lid.

Hinge shows at ceiling.                                                       No showing hinge or pivots.

10mm thick customwood uninsulated lid.                          36mm thick insulated lid.

Lid closes to timber jamb and is held by springs.            Lid locks into neoprene seal in rebate.

Lid  needs filling and painting.                                            Lid laminated and only needs paint to match ceiling.

Treads NZ grown pine screwed into rebate.                     Treads Baltic pine dovetailed into styles.

Handrail and hinges of formed flat metal.                          Heavy hinges and finished pipe handrail.

Height set by cutting style only.                                           Height adjustable with metal fittings.

Springs project into the opening.                                       Springs fold down out of the way against lid.

Opening  between springs approx 510mm (for R36)      Opening between  fittings approx 510mm.

Bottom of style cut to sanded finish.                                  Three section stairs provided with formed plastic feet.

Pulls down in three sections up to 3.6 mtr.                        Pulls down in three sections up to 2.7 mtr.

Pulls down in four sections from 3.6 to approx 4.6mtr.    Pulls down in four sections from 2.7 to 3.25 mtr.

New Zealand manufactured.                                               Imported from Europe.

Q.  Why install attic stairs?

A.  The majority of people require extra and secure storage space for light-weight goods, and are aware of the inconvenience and dangers of clambering up a casually placed ladder. By making a quality addition to their home they are able to maintain order and in some instances save a considerable amount on storage rental fees. Unlike the money spent on storage, a properly installed attic stair increases the value and desirability of their home. Their goods are stored safely and are easily accessible.

Q.  Where should I place the attic stairs?

A.  The best position is usually where the space inside the roof is the highest. There are some exceptions, but this is often where the existing hatch is located.

Q.  Can the installer cut timbers?

A.   It is most vital that the structural elements of your home are not damaged. You must not cut lintels or trusses, but non-structural members such as ceiling battens can be amended.

Q.   Do I need a building consent?

A.   Generally not. The attic stair simply replaces and extends the existing hatch into your roof space. It must be properly installed however, and you must not use your roof space as a living area. If you wish to alter the structure of your home or store very heavy items in your roof, you will definitely need to submit plans and gain permission.

Q.  Is aluminium or timber best?

A.  There are some situations where aluminium is best for such places as engineering workshops etc where heavy and perhaps greasy boots are being worn. In general however, most people prefer to use timber units. Pop rivets and metal joints tend to loosen over time, and unlike aluminium, timber flexes and returns to its natural state.

To have any further questions answered

or to receive an obligation free, and cost free quote,

phone Bruce on Akl. 4197205

or 021 576434

Or:- Email Aucklands’ The Attic Man at:

For people outside of Auckland New Zealand suppliers include Bunnings and Mitre 10 stores. Our local Cambridge Bunnings store does sell the Sellwood ladder which is $759.00. Other brands include: Gorilla $279.00 and home pro $271.91, while all brands have general instructions on insulation, unless you are a handy man it may be a case of best leave it to the experts and phone a builder.

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