Shower Domes It's a brilliant KIWI invention


Shower Domes It’s a brilliant KIWI invention


So what are shower domes, only the best thing to happen to my bathroom and I can think of so many people who can benefit from a shower dome.


Every home should have a shower dome – it makes a lot of sense to put a lid on your shower and trap all that moisture in. Shower domes which can be fitted to most shower boxes save a lot of energy. The shower does not have to be as hot because the air is trapped in the capsule. Therefore you will find you do not turn the tap up quite so high, the bathroom does not steam up and your mirror will remain clear. This means a lot less moisture in your bathroom which can often be a breeding ground for mould. We found after installing a shower dome over 7 years ago our bathroom no longer has problems with mould. Prior to having the shower dome installed we were regularly painting the bathroom ceiling regardless of using mould repellent paint and it seemed we were always cleaning up mouldy walls. The shower dome saved all of that and another unexpected benefit was the moisture captured in the shower would help self clean the walls by reducing soap scum. Want to know more then just click on this link to find an installer in your area.

Kens story

One night at home in Tauranga, Ken Evans Showerdome’s inventor was watching rugby on TV. At half time he got up to make a cup of tea. While the glass kettle was boiling he noticed that whilst there was steam coming out the nozzle, there was no steam inside the kettle above the boiling water.

It suddenly dawned on him that steam isn’t created until the hot moist air collides with the cold air from outside. Just like clouds are made when warm air rises up until it reaches a cooler air layer where it condenses into visible moisture droplets.

Then Ken realised that the same principle must apply in his bathroom shower. So he rushed into his basement and found a piece of material to put on top of his shower. He turned on the hot tap and even after half an hour there was no steam in his shower or bathroom. For years Ken had been trying to deal with steam using heated mirrors, extractor fans and heaters. Now he had no need for any of these expensive and ineffectual gadgets because he had found the secret to not having any steam to start with.

Ken never got to see the second half of the rugby, or finish his cup of tea.

Since that day, Ken and Showerdome Ltd have developed a very sleek, inexpensive, acrylic dome that creates the same barrier and can be fitted on most home showers.

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