Real Herbal Tea

Real herbal tea

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I have had plenty of great feedback and I appreciate it.  Thank you all for your encouragement.

However I do want to clear up this issue of herbal tea. Specifically, it’s medicinal value. If it comes in a tea bag or a can then it is most likely a pleasent enough product but not medicinal.  While the product will exhalt the medicinal value of the herb correctly, for it to be truly medicinal one must take it  as an infusion.

Just to confuse you a little more, a herbal tea bag of Chamomile for instance is most definately medicinal especially for an eye wash or taken to calm the nerves and aid sleep, because Chamomile only needs a short infusion time and is the exception to the rule.

If you want something that is medicinal then you need an Infusion which is quiet different.

Generally, a herbal infusion is as below:

Summary of Infusion Data

Plant PartRoots/barks
Amount1 oz/30 g.
1 oz/30 g.
1 oz/30 g.
1 oz/30 g.
Jar/Waterpint/500 ml
pint/500 ml
Length of Infusion8 hours minimum
4 hours minimum
2 hours minimum
30 min. minimum

( Please note this graph is taken from Susun Weeds web-site)

Susun Weed is very highly reguarded in the world of herbs and herbal medicine. She has been a teacher for many years and dedicated her life to helping others. I guarantee you, you will find her information factual and informative and correct.

As I have experienced, there are alot of people on the internet focusing on neish markets, marketing a product they know nothing about, all in the aid of getting rich quick, they are only there to get your money and it is hard to know who to trust. However when you come across someone giving information for free they have nothing to gain other than the gift of sharing, is that so hard to believe! I think not.

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