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More on Calendula……….

This is seriously one of the most important things I have ever done……

Some time ago now, the beginning of last year to be precise, I approached a local primary school here in Cambridge with my idea! My dream really, because I am busy in real estate now I needed to pass on some knowledge of the wonderful world of herbs and herbal medicine. My plan was to approach a local primary school and offer to teach some children how to make Calendula ointment.

So off I went, arranged an appointment with the principle and presented my idea which would teach the children how to grow Calendula flowers, how to harvest the flowers and how to make the ointment. As fate would have it the school had just the group of young boys who would be perfect for this enterprise, they were, as the school described, “Young Entrepreneurs’,” an enthusiastic group of 9 year old boys that merely needed some direction for a business enterprise that they were planning.

We got to work the first thing was to give them some plants to grow in their vege garden, which is another reason I chose Calendula because it is such a great companion plant, protecting other plants from many common pests and diseases. The boys were very receptive and the future entrepreneurs took hold of this concept and really got involved. Next was to teach them how to harvest the flowers and dry them, infuse the flowers in oil and then to make the ointment.

Along the way the boys took on the more difficult job of building a business. Making labels for the ointment, making promotional flyers and promoting the product for sale, for this they had the help of some very experienced local business people.

Today I was invited along to the school, along with the original boys who started this group (who have moved onto intermediate now) and the business men to see just how far they have come.

They have made excellent progress, a stunning new label and information flyer for their product, a venue to sell their product locally, a list of new customers and the local newspaper there to promote their Calendula ointment. I couldn’t be more proud of them and a wee pat on the back for following thru on an idea.

Now should you want to purchase this wonderful ointment that is a cure for any cuts, abrasions, bruising, nappy rash, cradle cap, lip balm, varicose veins, you name it all round cure all then all you have to do is contact: Sharyn Douglas at:

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