Harvesting the Austrian Hulless Pumpkin seeds

Harvesting the download (3) seeds




Every now and again I get a really interesting video that I just have to share and this video about harvesting the Austrian Hulless Pumpkin is one of them.


Their is no better way to enjoy the benefits of pumpkin seeds than to harvest them from your own vegetable garden. The best food money can’t buy.


Enjoy the video, compliments of Kohanga institute who say:


“If you want to grow pumpkins for seed to eat, then Austrian Hulless is the one you want to plant. Although now in New Zealand is actually the time for removing the seed, planting these is done in the Spring.

In this video Kay takes you through:

  • When to harvest the seed
  • How to cut the pumpkins
  • How to prepare the seeds for eating
  • What the look like after being soaked and dried
  • What they look like after being toasted and popped

These seeds came to New Zealand with our dear friend Joe, from his Austrian village where they traditionally were pressed to make oil.

They are larger and better tasting than all other varieties we have tried, mature in short growing season areas, and if you have a longer season they just keep on producing. They must be picked when the pumpkins get yellow stripes, and left for a few weeks before removing seed”.



Just passing the message on and I highly suggest you give these a try in your garden next spring. You know where to get them from at Kohanga and you want regret purchasing something that will pack some major punch into your regular healthy diet.





Hope you enjoyed the video, if you have any tips using pumpkins seeds in recipes we would love to hear from you.


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