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“YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT and what you put on the end of your fork”


  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates 

Wise words!

In just 2 generations our eating habits have changed so dramatically we are only now discovering our own children may not live as long as us! 

If that disturbs YOU then you’re not alone and the purpose of this website is to reverse this trend and promote “Food as your Medicine”.


Before we had modern medicine, the drug company’s and the pharmacies we know today,  we relied on “Food Medicine”.


And guess what IT WORKED and now science reveals in some cases it works better than modern pharmacy drugs, also without the nasty side effects.



Louis Pasteur

TIP: Did you know that 1ml Garlic juice is equivalent to 60 milligrams of penicillin? Click To Tweet

This was discovered by Louis Pasteur in 1858.

Documenting that Garlic juice kills bacteria, with one millilitre of raw garlic juice proving as effective as 60 milligrams of penicillin.

This is just one example of the power of the Food Medicine.


 Certain foods are good for your health and good for eliminating your disease.

Did you know certain foods help improve certain health conditions?

and that AVOIDING certain foods ENSURES –  YOU can REMEDY most  dis-ease.


Many foods have therapeutic value


and this is where you will find the answers to optimum health with “Food Medicine”.

  • The RIGHT FOODS can help CURE CANCER, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES, OBESITY, STROKE and many common ailments.
  • The RIGHT FOODS will help YOU gain FULL CONTROL of your WELLNESS. 
  • Look out for some GREAT RECIPES that also have THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS for common ailments.
  • Discover the MEDICINAL BENEFITS in the common foods we consume and how to USE THEM AS MEDICINE.

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