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air transfer units

Today I want to talk about air transfer units. What I’m talking about is one of my favourite additions to a healthy home, they are inexpensive and so so efficient at keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Air transfer units low cost, efficient.

I have a DVS system which is about 10 years old now. I have just one vent in the passage way of my 150m2 home and guess what it is enough to push warm dry air through the entire house, no condensation on my windows, no stuffy smells in the house even after being away for a week or more, never again will you experience a stuffy home. Therefore never again suffering from damp conditions which is a cause of many winter ills and chills. Condensation is truly a thing of the past.

The air transfer unit creates a continuous flow of fresh air through your entire home.

Probably the most common unit I see these days when I go to open homes in NZ is the HRV system commonly this system will have more than one vent located in different areas through the home. They could be in the lounge, dining area, passage ways and bedrooms ensuring they reach every area in the home. What I believe is most important though no matter how your system is set up or what ever system you use, it is the air transfer that makes the difference.

While we cannot rely on ours solely in the winter, for spring, autumn and summer they are fantastic.

On a cold day or rainy day in winter, naturally you would not expect them to work so well, however you can almost always guarantee that the heat stored in your roof cavity will always be warmer than the air outside.

Air transfer units work in summer by drawing the cold air (overnight) into your home and of course in winter it is the opposite on a sunny winters day warm air from the roof is drawn into the home.

For more information on air transfer units follow these links:

I have not mentioned all of the air transfer units on the market today only what I have experienced myself. If you know of some other system that I have not mentioned here please let me know.


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