7 Attainable keys to success in Goal setting and goal getting 2016 | Goal setting, goal getting

Goal setting and goal getting 2016

Goal setting and goal getting 2016

7 Attainable keys to success in Goal setting and goal getting 2016


A new year, a new beginning, a new focus on new goals, goal setting and goal getting and a reflection on what was achieved last year?


All of this comes to mind when the New Year rolls round and when you decide what’s important to you this year.


Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, it’s such a great time, when many of us have a break from work, a time to relax, connect with friends and family and think about the year ahead.


Even if you have worked the entire holiday, so many of your friends and family are in this mode of relaxation and reflection that it is contagious and you can’t help but think about the year ahead.


How many of us achieve these goals?


What does it take to stay on track and measure our progress on the goals we set ourselves this year?

Are all the goals we set achievable?

Or flexible enough to cope with what life sends us, some goals may have to be more flexible to actually achieve them.

Too many goals can be too hard to accomplish and take much longer than just one year, but they have to be considered as well.

Too much change all at once can be overwhelming and they need to be staggered.

I have read that to change a habit it takes at least one month before it becomes a natural part of your life, therefore one goal a month is more than enough.


Many of us have heard the concept of SMART goals:


Specific (and strategic): Linked to your specific/strategic plans. Answers the question—Who? and What?

Measurable: The success toward meeting the goal can be measured. Answers the question—How?

Attainable: Goals are realistic and can be achieved in a specific amount of time and are reasonable.

Relevant (results oriented): The goals are aligned with current tasks and projects and focus in one defined area; include the expected result.

Time framed: Goals have a clearly defined time-frame including a target or deadline date.



My friend Mel Abraham goes a step further with ASMART goals, the A stands for


1/Alignment – the goals we set for ourselves are more achievable when they align with our true values, our higher purpose and our true vision.


No room for ridiculous goals and no room for failure when you have considered their alignment with your core values, purpose and vision.

It makes them easier when you still like the person at the end.

Sometimes we set goals that are not truly part of who we really are, it may be the pursuit of X amount of income because it sounds like a great goal and it is BUT!

You did it you got there BUT you feel empty or a loss that you can’t quite figure out, the satisfaction is there but something is missing.


2/When you are serious about your goals it helps to write them down.


Measure a time period for achieving your goals on your calendar, give it a deadline and then break it down into small steps to measure your success.

This way you can see you are on track and you can celebrate the small steps along the way.

Celebrating the small steps gives you the momentum you need to keep you on track as well as recognising the accomplishments you have already achieved along the way.


3/Think how long will this goal take to achieve?


3 months, 6 months, 12 months?


What do I need to put in place to make sure I’m on track?


Break it down to tiny weekly bites.


Not only does this remind you and keep you on track it also ensures your success is not reliant on the colossal goal to be achieved by a certain date.


It also gives you the flexibility to foresee obstacles and adjust accordingly to keep you on track.


4/It is also important to think about more than one way of achieving a goal.


Some goals need to be thought out in 3-4 ways of achieving them because we all face obstacles along the way and sometimes we have to have more strategies to the end result to ensure we can stay on track.

List these different strategies and talk about them with friends or family to help cement the best way to move forward and use the back up plans if and when necessary to help get you there.


5/Ask yourself: What must I change to achieve these goals.

When we set goals there must be a change in the way we do things. Consider the impact this will have in your usual routine.

Can you see yourself implementing what it needs to take you to the result you desire?

The purpose of breaking down your goal(s) into small achievable steps is then measurable and most importantly your success is recognised.


6/What will I look like and feel like when I have achieved these goals.


Considering the person you will be when you have achieved these goals allows you to see if the shoe fits, so to speak.

Will you like that person?

Are you still in alignment with your core values, vision and purpose, by answering these questions to your satisfaction before you begin your journey, doubt along the way will be eliminated, clearing the road ahead?


Some goals do not stack up when you consider who you need to become to get what you think you want.


7/The importance of goal setting is to enjoy the journey


and develop personal growth, the desire to be more and the foundation to all attainment, not my words exactly but certainly my goal.


What does 2016 look like for YOU?


I hope the content of this article will help you on your journey.


Food for thought.


Fuel for your year ahead.


May it be great for you!


With alignment of your vision, your purpose and your value.


Good things come to those that plan.


Have an awesome year!!!


Reward yourself often.




Be kind to yourself and everyone you meet!


Make your world a better place!


Happy 2016!







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